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Did you know that, among other things, statutory inspections must be carried out on:

• Emergency and panic lighting

• ABDL (Automatic Fire Door Closing)

• ABV (Automatic Fire Ventilation)

• Fire seals

• AIA (Theft alarm)

• ADK (Access Control)

• TVO (TV monitoring)

• Technical aids
   (Ex. Emergency stops, light grids, safety devices on machines)

• AVA (Warning system)

• Control of meeting rooms (over 150 people)

• Construction switchboards and cables

• Hand tools and extension cords

• Cranes

• Elevators

• Gates

• Automatic doors

• ABA (Automatic Fire Alarm)

Shops and shopping centres

In stores, time is of the essence. The store must be accessible to the customer, and therefore renovation and service must take place under an exact schedule. At Greenland Electricity, we have the experience when it comes to electrical technical solutions in shops and also a great deal of knowledge of modern and efficient shop operations. We are therefore your guarantee that you get a future-proof solution delivered on time.

An effective solution

Our experience is that it is essential to think through the solution from implementation and practical use to future service and maintenance. That responsibility lies with us, and you are thus ensured that the store's operation will be as efficient as possible. You also have the option of concluding a subsequent service agreement with us.

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