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Are you a decision maker in an institutional environment and do you have a task for an electrician? Greenland Electricity puts the whole team together, whether it is a solution within optimization or automation. This way you avoid having to deal with several suppliers.


Our main aim is to give companies a head start in innovative electrical solutions - for a future where technological development is a must.

Electrical engineering companies

We are happy to provide a non-binding offer for new construction and renovation projects. In this phase, it is important to foresee where energy can be saved and to secure the solutions for the future, so that it is possible to achieve financial savings on building operations.

We offer services within energy renovation, statutory inspections, indoor communication solutions and general maintenance on buildings.

We service, maintain and optimize the energy consumption of:


  • Kindergartens

  • Offices

  • Schools

  • Nursing homes

  • Handicap centers

  • Hospitals

We service, among other things:

  • Lighting installations

  • Lighting systems

  • Power installations

  • Low current installations

  • Ventilation systems

  • Patient call systems

  • Workstations

  • Guideways

  • Network facilities

  • Antenna systems

  • Refrigeration and freezing plants

  • Car chargers for hybrid- and electric cars

  • Switches, sockets, lamp sockets, dimmers

  • Electric heating

  • Engine controls

  • Hardware installation

  • Intelligent building installation
    (IHC, Smarthouse, ABB etc.)

  • Suspension of lamps, installation of built-in spotlights

  • Maintenance of RCD (HPFI)

  • Moving electrical panels

  • Electrical tracing of water mains

  • Heating controls

  • Intercoms

  • Alarm systems

  • Video Surveillance

  • Access control

  • Doorbell

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