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Installations in dit hus

We service and maintain

  • Switches, sockets, lamp sockets, dimmers

  • Ventilation

  • Chargers for hybrid and electric cars

  • Antenna systems

  • Electric heating

  • Hardware installation

  • Network facilities

  • Intelligent building installation
    (IHC, Smarthouse, ABB etc.)

  • Suspension of lamps, installation of built-in spot lights

  • Maintenance of RCD (HPFI)

  • Moving of electrical panels

  • Electrical tracing of water mains

  • Heating controls

  • Access control

  • Doorbell

Electrical work for private individuals

If you are a homeowner, we have seen your electrical installation before. Maybe not exactly in your home, but in similar houses. Whether it is setting up a new stove, lamps or dimmers, we guarantee quality-conscious solutions for your home.

We have solved many tasks for the ordinary home owner. Whether it's a small conversion or major renovation cases, we solve things quickly and with a high level of quality.

Our office is located in Nuuk.


We have 24/7 service


You are welcome to call us on tel: +299 32 29 90 all weekdays between 08.00-16.00 and you can always write to us at and we'll quickly answer your email.

If you have an urgent electrical task outside our normal opening hours, you are always welcome to contact us on our emergency phone: +299 32 29 90

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