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At Greenland Electricity, we would like to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the Greenlandic industry. This particularly applies to fish factories and fishing trawlers. In the event of electrical technical errors in larger factories, it is necessary to have a great deal of preparedness. Greenland Electricity can contribute to this.

Industrial electrician

If you need an electrician to install electric motors, electric pumps or automation controls, we are available for your company. With several years of experience, we handle everything within installation, automation and energy optimization tasks, and in cooperation with our skilled partners, we will therefore be able to solve any task.

We service and maintain:

  • Factory plants with motor controls

  • Ventilation system controls

  • Circulation pump controls

  • Industrial boards

  • Heating controls

  • Larger industrial kitchens

  • Pump controls

  • Lighting systems

  • Electrical tracing of water mains

  • Boat installations

  • Solar installations

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