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Did you know that, among other things, statutory inspections must be carried out on:

• Emergency and panic lighting

• ABDL (Automatic Fire Door Closing)

• ABV (Automatic Fire Ventilation)

• Fire seals

• AIA (Theft alarm)

• ADK (Access Control)

• TVO (TV monitoring)

• Technical aids
   (ex. Emergency stops, light grids, safety devices on machines)

• AVA (Warning system)

• Control of meeting rooms (over 150 people)

• Construction switchboards and cables

• Hand tools and extension cords

• Cranes

• Elevators

• Gates

• Automatic doors

• ABA (Automatic Fire Alarm)

Only one contact person

We have gathered all our skills in one department, which has specialist knowledge in commercial electrical installations. Our team tailors everything from lighting to the design of electrical installations and servicing and maintenance. You can therefore settle for having one contact person with us, thereby avoiding having to coordinate between several different suppliers.
We therefore ensure that you get energy-efficient solutions that are economical in operation.

​Other recommended inspections

When the company does not have its installations in order, it can reduce the efficiency of a workplace. Having your electrical installations inspected by us is a good thing, so the company is in good hands.

• Electric switchboards

• UPS and emergency power system

• RCD protection (often a supplier requirement)

• Assessment of required spare parts

• Replacement of light sources

• Installation inspection

• Thermography (if required by insurance company)

• Data communication

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