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Electrical consulting

Greenland Electricity stands for quality-conscious electric consultancy in Greenland. We have the experience and work well with architects, engineers, contractors and builders. Greenland Electricity is part of the future because we carry out electrical servicing and electrical advice at the same time. We love playing with electrical installations, collaborating with the other professionals and we do it proactively.

We advise and design electrical installations for all types of construction and infrastructure.

​Why is electrical advice necessary?

We've seen it so many times – visible wires that could've been hidden far away.


Greenland Electricity stands for optimal planning of electrical installations. Electricity in buildings is far more advanced today and is no longer just about sockets and lamp sockets. It can also concern intelligent installations, ventilation systems, cts systems, abv, built-in spot lights, networks, burglar alarms (AIA), access control (ADK), emergency and panic lighting and ABA systems.

Everything must be worked through carefully before starting a new construction, a renovation or a conversion. Through cooperation with architects and engineers, we coordinate all drawings so that there are no alleged accidents or unnecessary mistakes when the electrical contractor has to start the electrical project in the execution phase.

We solve everything from the dimensioning of boards and cables, to technical drawings and complete documentation.

During the project planning, we attach great importance to the customer's involvement in all important decisions, so that the customer's needs are met as best as possible.

​Our specialties within electrical consulting and electrical planning are:

  • Supply plants

  • Construction requirements for electrical installations

  • Intelligent building installations

  • Energy optimization/savings for electrical installations

  • Lighting installations

  • Power installations

  • Low current installations

  • Lighting systems

  • Network facilities

  • Antenna systems

  • Guideways

  • Pump controls

  • Building installations

  • Lighting technology

  • Electrical tracing of water mains

  • ADK (Access Control)

  • ABA (Fire Protection)

  • AIA (Theft Alarm)

  • TVO (TV monitoring)

Offers, proposals and supervision

Greenland Electricity prepares offer materials for main and turnkey contracts as well as subsequent supervision, follow-up and contracting, if necessary.

We have employees with many years of experience in the electrical industry and thus also many years of experience in preparing outline proposals, pre-project/project proposals and main projects - Feel free to contact us by e-mail or dial +299 32 29 90 for a non-binding chat. We are open 8-16 every weekday.

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